Lawyers for Yiğit Aksakoğlu take Unlawful detention to Constitutional Court

1 Mart 2019

Yiğit Aksakoğlu was taken into police custody on 16 November 2018 and put in pre-trial detention on 17 November 2018 as part of the investigation on the anti-government Gezi protests of 2013. His lawyers have filed an individual application to the Constitutional Court against his detention.

Emphasizing that it’s been more than three months since Aksakoğlu was placed in solitary confinement at Silivri Closed Prison no. 9, his lawyers noted in the Constitutional Court application that “the review of his detention status was conducted without a hearing, requests for his release have been rejected without grounds, and that the Prosecutor’s Office refuses meetings with the lawyers about investigation file.”

The petition also notes that “Articles 36 and 141 of the Constitution which protect the right to a fair trial and decisions of all courts should have a justification, respectively, and Article 7 of the ECHR, which ensures the principle of ‘no punishment without law’ were violated during Aksakoğlu’s prosecution process. The necessity to apply to the Constitutional Court on our client’s behalf has risen for these reasons.”

About Yiğit Aksakoğlu

Yiğit Aksakoğlu is an NGO professional working on rights-based approaches to early child development.He graduated from St. Joseph High School in İzmir in 1994 and continued his education at Yıldız Technical University graduating as a Civil Engineer. During his university studies, Yiğit Aksakoğlu, started his NGO activities through active involvement in AEEGE (Association des Etats Generaux des Etudiants de L’Europe). His line of work was on European integration, youth participation and good governance.

After his graduation from Yıldız Technical University (Istanbul), he continued his post graduate studies at London School of Economics on “NGO Management and Development in Developing Countries”. He worked at TESEV (Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation) and Istanbul Bilgi University’s NGO Training & Research Center professionally. Between 2003 and 2008, he lectured on “Advocacy and Influencing Policy” and “Project Management”. He also published two books in the same period, titled “Advocacy and Influencing Policy” and “Preparing Project Proposals for NGOs”.

Since 2011, he has been working as a consultant and later as the official representative of Dutch based Bernard van Leer Foundation, working for children aged between 0-3 yrs., in the fields of early childhood development, well-being of mothers and supportive and safe city planning and development.

Yiğit Aksakoğlu is married and has two children.

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